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Welcome to plotKML project!

A suite of functions for converting sp-class objects into KML or KMZ documents for use in Google Earth.

Visualization of spatial and spatio-temporal objects in Google Earth

Contact: Tomislav Hengl,

Contributions by: Pierre Roudier, Dylan Beaudette & Edzer Pebesma

This package has been developed as a part of the Global Soil Information Facilities, which are developed jointly by the ISRIC Institute and collaborators.

The plotKML project summary page you can find here. See the complete list of functions and a list of additional settings. To submit a software bug, use the official package tracker. The fastest way to learn how plotKML works is to follow this tutorial. There is also a paper in the JSS on plotKML package functionality.

To submit a bug or future request please use the package tracker. The package is continuously updated and it is expected to become fully operational by early 2013.


Get the stable release from CRAN.

To install this package from R-forge use (works only on >= R 2.14!):

> install.packages("plotKML", repos=c("http://R-Forge.R-project.org")) 

Alternatively, you can install the most recent snapshot of the package directly from the source code.




Ebergotzen two aesthetics.png

SpatialPoints GE_icon

Soil monolith in Google Earth.png

SpatialPhotoOverlay GE_icon

GroundPhoto in Google Earth.png

SpatialPhotoOverlay GE_icon

SoilProfileCollection histogram in Google Earth.png

SoilProfileCollection GE_icon

SoilProfileCollection block visualized in Google Earth.png

SoilProfileCollection GE_icon

Ebergotzen contour lines

SpatialLines GE_icon

Ebergotzen soil units polygons.png

SpatialPolygons GE_icon

DEM poly in Google Earth

grid2poly GE_icon

TWI layerRaster in Google Earth

Raster GE_icon

Metadata in GoogleEarth.png

spMetadata GE_icon

GPX bicycle Wageningen Muenster


Spacetime STIDF object polygons.png

STIDF Polygons GE_icon

Spatiotemporal changes in HRtemp08.png

STIDF Points GE_icon

Time series of MODIS LST rasters in Google Earth

RasterBrick GE_icon

SpatialPredictions in Google Earth

SpatialPredictions GE_icon

Simulated streams

VectorsSimulations GE_icon


RasterBrickSimulations GE_icon


RasterBrickTimeSeries GE_icon


SpatialMaxEntOutput GE_icon


SpatialSamplingPattern GE_icon

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